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Located at the hub of Florida's Nature Coast, 70 miles north of Tampa and 60 miles northwest of Orlando, Citrus County rises from the clear, azure waters of the Gulf or Mexico in the west to the rolling green pastures where thoroughbred horses graze in the county's central region, and falls again in the east to the streams, lakes, and thick forest of the Withlacoochee region. On the northern and eastern borders, the Withlacoochee River presents 45 miles of river front beauty and recreational opportunity. northeast of Inverness, the long, lazy Withlacoochee helps refresh the Tsala Apopka chain of lakes, a 23,000 acre bass-rich playground for fishermen and a wetland home for a dozen species of bird and mammal considered rare elsewhere in America.

Along US 19, bisecting western Citrus County, a string of first and second magnitude springs give birth to Citrus County's other protean, crystal clear rivers, including the Homosassa, the Chassahowitzka, and the Crystal. Flowing at a constant temperature of 72 degrees, these spring-spawned streams provide the endangered West Indian Manatee, America's largest fresh water mammal. with its favored winter home. The people of Citrus County take pride in assisting state and federal efforts to protect this American cousin of the elephant. large herds of manatees are seen from December through March.

Few counties in Florida enjoy a more salubrious year-round climate than Citrus. Summer days average 82 degrees, moderated by constant breezes from the lakes and the Gulf of Mexico; while winter lows average 62 degrees, encouraging the dedicated gardener to experiment with a wide variety of flowers and vegetables every month of the year. Rainfall averages 45 to 52 inches, most of it falling during the summer months.

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Below are complete statistics for Citrus County Florida

County Population: 118,085
County Houses: 62,204
Land area: 583.8 sq. mi.
Water area: 189.3 sq. mi.

Industries providing employment: Educational, health and social services (21.0%), Retail trade (15.3%), Construction (11.4%), Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services (10.2%).

Type of workers:

  • Private wage or salary: 77%
  • Government: 13%
  • Self-employed, not incorporated: 9%
  • Unpaid family work: 0%


Races in Citrus County:

  • White Non-Hispanic (93.0%)
  • Hispanic (2.7%)
  • Black (2.4%)
  • Two or more races (1.1%)
  • American Indian (0.9%)
(Total can be greater than 100% because Hispanics could be counted in other races)

Median age: 52.6 years
Males: 48.0%, Females: 52.0%
Average wage per job in 2003: $27397
County population in 2003: 126678
Jobs in 2003: 31876
Total labor force in 2004: 47585
Unemployment rate in 2004: 5.1%
Average household size in Citrus County: 2.20
Median household income: $31,001 (year 2000)
Median house value: $84,400 (year 2000)
Median montly rent in 2000: $478
Institutionalized population: 1,634
Median monthly costs for houses with a mortgage in Citrus County in 2000: $727

Crime in 2004:

  • Murders: 2
  • Rapes: 28
  • Robberies: 15
  • Assaults: 302
  • Burglaries: 546
  • Thefts: 1434
  • Auto thefts: 159

Single-family new house construction building permits:
  • 2000: 1176 buildings, average cost: $66,400
  • 2001: 1201 buildings, average cost: $64,800
  • 2002: 1271 buildings, average cost: $99,900
  • 2003: 1850 buildings, average cost: $169,900
  • 2004: 2527 buildings, average cost: $172,400

2004 Presidential Election results in Citrus County:
Bush/Cheney: 56.9%
Kerry/Edwards: 42.1%

Fair market rent in 2006 for a 1-bedroom apartment in Citrus County is $461 a month.
Fair market rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is $511 a month.
Fair market rent for a 3-bedroom apartment is $741 a month.

Cities in this county include: Homosassa Springs, Beverly Hills, Hernando, Inverness, Sugarmill Woods, Inverness Highlands South, Pine Ridge.

Notable locations in this county outside city limits:

Notable locations in Citrus County: North Inverness Junction, Crystal Manor, The Rocks, Dunnellon Plaza, Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters, Electric Substation-Citrus Springs # 3.

Shopping Center: Homosassa Springs Shopping Center.

Churches in Citrus County include: Mount Olive Church, Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church, New Second Bethel Baptist Church, River Gardens Baptist Church, Shiloh Church, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, First Assembly of God.

Cemeteries: Stage Pond Cemetery, Dampeir Cemetery, Red Level Cemetery, Shiloh Cemetery.

Lakes, reservoirs, and swamps: Bull Sink, Henderson Lake, Cato Lake, Moon Lake, Fort Cooper Lake, Tsala Apopka Lake, Freds Lake, Connell Lake.

Rivers and creeks: Johnson Creek, Price Creek, Rocky Creek, Potter Creek, Game Creek, Bennetts Creek, Trout Creek, Baird Creek, Twin Creek.

Parks in Citrus County include: Fort Cooper State Park, Citrus Wildlife Management Area, Crystal River Historic Memorial.

Current college students: 2,722
People 25 years of age or older with a high school degree or higher: 78.3%
People 25 years of age or older with a bachelor's degree or higher: 13.2%

Number of foreign born residents: 5,742 (67% naturalized citizens)

Mean travel time to work: 26.6 minutes

Housing units in structures:

  • One, detached: 39,360
  • One, attached: 1,954
  • Two: 873
  • 3 or 4: 811
  • 5 to 9: 957
  • 10 to 19: 558
  • 20 or more: 343
  • Mobile homes: 17,212
  • Boats, RVs, vans, etc.: 136

Agriculture in Citrus County
Average size of farms: 109 acres
Average value of agricultural products sold per farm: $15293
Average value of crops sold per acre for harvested cropland: $1161.45
The value of nursery, greenhouse, floriculture, and sod as a percentage of the total market value of agricultural products sold: 33.66%
The value of livestock, poultry, and their products as a percentage of the total market value of agricultural products sold: 28.78%
Average total farm production expenses per farm: $17614
Harvested cropland as a percentage of land in farms: 8.58%
Irrigated harvested cropland as a percentage of land in farms: 19.13%
Average market value of all machinery and equipment per farm: $28773
The percentage of farms operated by a family or individual: 92.82%
Average age of principal farm operators: 55 years
Average number of cattle and calves per 100 acres of all land in farms: 14.58
Vegetables: 117 harvested acres
Land in orchards: 388 acres

Citrus County historical area-adjusted tornado activity is near Florida state average. It is 2.0 times above overall U.S. average.
Tornadoes in this county have caused 3 fatalities and 15 injuries recorded between 1950 and 2004.
On 4/9/1983, a category 3 (max. wind speeds 158-206 mph) tornado killed 3 people and injured 2 people and caused between $500,000 and $5,000,000 in damages.

Total withdrawal of fresh water for public supply: 13.97 millions of gallons per day (all from ground)

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